Teasing The Steers

The boys liked to hold out hay toward the steers across the electric fence wire and pull it back when the steers tried to eat it. They kept pulling it back until the steers leaned too far and got a terrible shock. They jumped back without getting any hay. The boys laughed at them and shouted Hi-yah! You stupid animals!

After a while the steers knew they would get a shock if they tried to reach the hay the boys were holding. But the steers came anyway, trying harder every time to get the hay without getting a shock. They always got a shock because the boys pulled the hay away. The steers jumped and sometimes trembled before trying it again.

Pretty soon, the boys got tired of this game. The smallest boy said, Let's see who can urinate closest to the electric fence without getting a shock.

Since he had said this, he tried it first. He urinated in an arc over the electric fence and slowly lowered the stream until it was only 3 inches from the electric wire. Then he pinched off the stream in his penis and did not get a shock.

Soon the other boys tried this. One came an inch from the wire and did not get a shock. Each time one of them tried it, he pinched off the stream before it touched the wire. The boys did this daily for many weeks and learned to get very close to the wire with their urine. Sometimes they told stories, between taking turns, about a boy somewhere who urinated on an electric fence wire.

After a while, the steers didn't even come near the boys. Because they weren't holding hay anymore.