Tired Barns

Some barns look as if they were born tired, as if they never really stood up from a seated position. Squat barns. Staying close to the earth. Barns that were born ducking storms, ducking trouble. Barns that don't like trouble at all. Barns that don't fight back when a steer walks through their wide alleys. Tired barns with weeds growing around their ankles, barns so tired they make the weeds around their ankles look tired too, make the weeds droop, make the drooping weeds hang there like socks that have lost their elastic. Tired barns with sway backs and no gumption. Barns so tired they never close their hay doors. So tired that the cows inside yawn all day long and forget to go out to pasture. Limp, tired barns, so tired that nothing bad ever happens to them. The nails don't even pull out of the siding. The shingles don't even fall off. The windows are so dirty that no one ever looks inside to see if anything is happening, and because nothing is happening the tired barns go on comfortably listless. Like park benches that nobody ever sits on. Barns so tired that snow feels like a blanket, so tired that rain feels like a bath, so tired the wind feels like a massage. Ignored, tired barns that go on and on,like a lazy person who's never done a day's work, never had a job, never had a worry, just sits in an easy chair chewing on a cigar, not needing much of anything, and living to be one hundred and twenty.